INHEMETER is a Smart Power Distribution Solution Provider for global power consumers.

Through a blend of Human Wisdom and Power of Technology, our dedication to Global Energy Sustainability is exemplified by providing Smart Power Distribution Solution and scientific and effective management approaches to power management department, assisting them in energy efficiency maximization, energy conservation and consumption reduction.

With precision measurement, data processing and algorithms, and cutting-edge communication technologies, we bring user-friendly electricity information and convenient settlement methods to every end user, so that every family in the world can enjoy the beauty brought by technological advancement.

The core team of INHEMETER are the industry elites in China who are the first to develop all-electronic energy meter and AMR system. We insist on long-term cultivation and continuous devotion, in order to just do the only undertaking well.

We have offered satisfactory customized products and systems for power consumers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, which have made us win wide praise and earn a good reputation for “Made in China”.

In the future, INHEMETER will aim to build a world-renowned brand, continue to adhere to customer-centered professionalism, enhance independent innovation, and increase investment in scientific research and team building. In the meanwhile, we will further undertake and strengthen social responsibility to make the world full of light and love.

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