INHEMETER Entered The New Energy Industry


Recently, INHEMETER has set up another new subsidiary in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province -- INHENERGY, which has taken the first step in the field of new energy and vigorously developed the new energy industry in response to national policies.

In order to realize the sustainable development of energy and environment, all countries in the world focus on photovoltaic power generation, which is one of the most dynamic energy fields.In terms of photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic inverter is the core of the whole photovoltaic system. It can not only convert photovoltaic direct current power into ac power required by the grid, but also carry important functions such as supporting the grid, information interaction, data analysis, and combination of optical storage. It is a bridge connecting power generation equipment with the grid.

As a high-tech enterprise in the field of new energy distributed access, INHENERGY will adhere to the enterprise spirit of INHEMETER, integrate domestic and foreign market resources, layout global business, and strive to advance in the field of new energy, committed to become the leader in the field of new energy access and the operator of new energy trading service platform.

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